About us

This trust was founded by the Deshdoot media group in early 1980’s with the main goal to educate and empower children and women from difficult and strenuous financial backgrounds. 

Over time Deshdoot also got involved with water conservation project. The group believes that water is the most important commodity and needs to be used and saved efficiently to ensure its availability to the future generations. 

For its educational goals, Deshdoot Charitable trust works primarily with the underprivileged population in North Maharashtra. The principal objective of the trust is to educate all children and help them live a dignified and prosperous life. It not only empowers the children to maximise their potential but also help influence systemic change in the community and reduce the vast educational gap.

Whereas for its water conservation goals, Deshdoot aims to make villages water self-sufficient. By ensuring the availability of water in a villages even in case of draught through a sustainable 5 year project. 

 About Deshdoot

Since 1970, Deshdoot Media group has been documenting the highs and lows, the events and overall growth of Nashik and North Maharashtra. For 4 years before that, Deshdoot was a weekly paper. It has since been known as the publication that provides a platform to the people of this region to voice their opinions, needs, grievances and aspirations to the government. It has become the voice of the people. Our reach in the rural towns is second to none. 

Today it is known as the fastest growing Marathi daily in north Maharashtra. True to its mission of enriching lives by informing, voicing, entertaining and educating the common man, Deshdoot has become a trusted name amongst households across Maharashtra. 

Deshdoot is known for its non-political affiliations and the central mantra for the brand being the development and growth of society. 

Long before Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) became common Deshdoot group and the Sarda family had become synonymous with it in the region. Deshdoot has always believed that it’s their responsibility to uplift the environment it is a part of. 

Deshdoot has done so by focusing on 2 primary needs for a secured future. One, educating the under privileged and honouring the achievements in their respective fields through various events and awards over the years. And two, through its water conservation project.