Charitable Trust

Brief history of Deshdoot Charitable trust 

In the early 1980’s, Vikram Sarda (Chairman of Deshdoot) created the Deshdoot charitable trust with the goal of educating children. India is a poor country with big aspirations, this was a small step in making those aspirations a reality. The trust has helped many to become engineers and doctor of today and continues to do so.

Vikram Sarda firmly believes that education is the key to help individuals rise above their current situation and create a life of dignity for themselves and their families. It not only helps the economic development of the society but also creates a socially and morally just world. 

This initiative was conceptualised with the primary objective of the right to education for every child and it has strived to provide the same to low income communities across north Maharashtra. It promotes inclusion, equal opportunities, holistic development of the disabled and economically under served.

Over the years, Deshdoot has also understood the struggles of our farmers especially in drought prone zones of Maharashtra. Deshdoot was instrumental in safeguarding the interests of our farmers since the beginning. Recently, to help they grow further, Deshdoot devised a sustainable 5 year water conservation plan and has put its might behind this cause.