Water Conservation


“Deshdoot Charitable Trust aims to achieve sustainable water conservation model to optimize the use of this scarce and precious natural resource”


“To see water availability in villages even in drought prone areas and make Nashik district water self-sufficient.”

What we do

In the past Deshdoot has extensively worked in this space along with the farmers to help them rise above this plight. We have not only raised the people’s voice and concerns in print to the government but also developed a plan for water conservation. 

Deshdoot has a devised a 5 year sustainable water conservation plan to ensure water availability for 3 years in spite of a draught. The plan is divided in 3 steps to overcome water challenges. 

From immediate need to long term goals, the plan is developed keeping in mind the terrain, farmer & village requirement as well as government policies. 

You can reach out for more details.